PODE 2017

Urbino (Italy) May 29-31, 2017

Sunday, May 28
h. 19.30 Welcome Party at the Bar Centrale  "Caffè Basili", Piazza della Repubblica (Center of Urbino)


Monday, May 29

 8:30-9:00  Registration

 9:00-9.10 Opening Section

 9:10-10:50 Chair: Saber Elaydi

Andrejs Reinfelds: Dynamic equivalence of dynamic systems on time scales

•  Agnese Šuste: On local Stability of Some Exponential-Type Difference Equations

•  Inese Bula: Periodic and eventually periodic solutions of a single neuron model

•  Saber Elaydi: A Dynamically consistent discretization method

 10:50-11:20  Coffee-Break

 11:20-13:00 Chair: Stephen Baigent

Daniel Franco: Harvest timing effect on discrete population models

Juan Segura Salinas: Population control through adaptive limiters

Antonin Slavik: Discrete Bessel functions and partial difference equations

Stephen Baigent: Global stability in competitive population models

 13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House

 15:10-16:50 Chair: Anna Agliari

Nicolò Pecora: A monopoly model with memory: analysis of 1:4 resonance

• Fausto Cavalli (with A. Naimzada): Pattern formation and periodic attractors in a spatially extended consumer model

Lorenzo Cerboni Baiardi: (with G.I. Bischi and D. Radi): Asymptotic dynamics of a 2D map modelling renewable resource exploitation

Anna Agliari (with N. Pecora): Dynamics inside periodicity regions: co-dimension 2 and global bifurcations

 16:50-17:20 Coffee-Break

 17:20-18:35 Chair: Marek Zdun

Hikmet Kemaloğlu: Some spectral results of Finite Difference Sturm-Liouville Problem

Zbigniew Leśniak: On topological properties of Brouwer homeomorphisms

Grzegorz Guzik: Asymptotic properties of cocycles contracting on fibers

Marek Zdun: On singular iteration groups of monotonic functions


19:30 Dinner at the University Guest House


 Tuesday, May 30

 9:10-10:50 Chair: Robert Sacker

Cristina Serpa (with J. Buescu): Systems of iterative functional equations: some constructive examples

Jonas Volek: Landesman-Lazer conditions for difference equations with graph Laplacian

Armengol Gasull: A dynamic type Parrondo paradox

Robert Sacker (with G.R. Sell): Almost Periodicity, Ricker Map, Beverton-Holt Map and Others, a General Method

10:50-11:20  Coffee-Break

11:20-13:00 Chair: Fabio Lamantia

Guzowska Malgorzata (with E. Michetti): Local and Global Dynamics in a Discrete Ramsey Model

Roya Makrooni (with L. Gardini) Piecewise monotone maps chaotic in the whole interval

Anastasiia Panchuk (with I. Sushko and F. Westerhoff): Bifurcation structures related to chaotic attractors in a 1D PWL map defined on three partitions

Fabio Lamantia (with M. Pezzino): The effects of tax competition on compliance and migration: an evolutionary analysis through piecewise-smooth maps

 13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House

 15:10-16:50 Chair: Iryna Sushko

Francesca Grassetti (with C. Mammana and E. Michetti): Qualitative dynamics of Solow-Swan growth model

Andrea Caravaggio (with M. Sodini): Multiple attractors and dynamics in an OLG model with productive environment

Davide Radi (with L. Gardini and P. Harting): An evolutionary generalization of the Shelling's neighborhood tipping model: Inequality and segregation

Iryna Sushko (With L. Gardini): Smale Horseshoe in 2D Noninvertible Maps

 16:50-17:20 Coffee-Break

 17:20-19:00 Chair: Witold Jarczyk

Petr Stehlík: Spectra of indefinite perturbations of discrete operators

Dorota Głazowska and Justyna Jarczyk (with W. Jarczyk): Embeddability of pairs of weighted quasi-arithmetic means in a semiflow

Mariusz Sudzik:  On a problem of Derfel

Witold Jarczyk:  Iterated procedure of joining means


20:00  Social Dinner at the University College “Il Colle”


 Wednesday, May 31

 9:10-10:50 Chair: Francisco Balibrea

Maria Teresa Silva (with L. Silva and S. Fernandes): Convergence time to equilibrium distributions of autonomous and periodic non autonomous graphs

Luis Silva: Periodic attractors on a family of nonautonomous dynamical systems generated by stunted tent maps

João Ferreira Alves: Spectral invariants of Markov Periodic Systems

Francisco Balibrea: The logistic two delays difference equation, revisited

 10:50-11:20  Coffee-Break

 11:20-13:00 Chair: Gian Italo Bischi

Mauro Sodini (with L. Gori): Price competition in a nonlinear differentiated duopoly with isoelastic demand

Fabio Tramontana (with A. Naimzada and N. Pecora): A behavioral cobweb model

Giovanni Campisi (with S. Brianzoni and A. Russo): Dynamical Analysis of a Financial Model in Discrete Time with Heterogeneous Agents

Gian Italo Bischi: Some recent global results for recurrences arising from dynamic economic modelling

 13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House

 15:00-16:40 Chair: Henrique Oliveira

Emma D’Aniello: Classes of functions and their invariant sets (attractors)

Peter Raith: Mixing properties for monotonic mod one transformations with two pieces

Laura Tedeschini Lalli (with C. Falcolini): "Dribbling Method" for continuation of bifurcation curves from conservative into dissipative systems

Henrique Oliveira: Bifurcation equations for periodic orbits of implicit discrete dynamical systems

16:40-17:10 Coffee-Break

17:10-18:25 Chair: Laura Gardini

Elias Camouzis (with H. Kollias and I. Leventidis): Construction of an infinite path towards perfect market

Eros Pruscini (with G.I. Bischi and U. Merlone): Evolutionary dynamics in threshold binary games

Laura Gardini (with Z. Du): Notes on the anharmonic routes in piecewise monotone maps

 18:25-19:00 Open Problems and Remarks

 19:00-19:10 Closing section


19:30 Dinner at the University Guest House