Program MDEF 2022

Location: Department of Economics, via Saffi n.42, URBINO - Aula Rossa

Wednesday, September 7

From 19:30 Welcome Party at Basili Bar (Urbino main square Piazza della Repubblica)


Thursday, September 8

8:30-9:00 Registration


9:00-9:10  Opening of the conference with greetings from the university rector prof. Giorgio Calcagnini and director of DESP department prof. Giuseppe Travaglini


9:10-10:50 Chair: Anastasiia Panchuck

  • Lorenzo Cerboni Baiardi (with A. K. Naimzada): The ambiguous relations between deficit containment policies and sustainability in an OLG model

  • Jan Wenzelburger (with P.Ritschel): Efficient Loan Contracts and Business Cycles in an OLG model with financial intermediation 

  • Daniela Visetti (with F. Cavalli, A.K. Naimzada): Dynamical analysis of an OLG model with epidemics

  • Andrea Bacchiocchi: An Evolutionary Game to model Offshoring and Reshoring of Production between Developed and Developing Countries

  • Anastasiia Panchuck (with I.Sushko, E.Michetti, R.Coppier): A 2D nonsmooth map modeling fraud in a public procurement: Advantages of the first return map


10:50-11:10  Coffee-Break


11:10-12:50 Chair: Davide Radi

  • Giovanni Campisi (with S. Brianzoni, G. Pacelli, F. Petroni): Complex dynamics in a multi-asset model in discrete-time with heterogeneous agents

  • Maria Cristina Uberti (with S. Casellina, S. Landini): The estimation error in the Basel II IRB approach and the PD floor

  • Alessandro Bellocchi  (with A. Bacchiocchi, G.I. Bischi, G. Travaglini): A Non-linear Model of Public Debt Debt With Bonds and Money Finance

  • Mauro Sodini (with F. Purificato): Debt stabilization and dynamic interaction between monetary and fiscal policy: In medio stat virtus.

  • Davide Radi (with L.Gardini, N.Schmitt, I.Sushko, F. Westerhoff): Exchange rate dynamics and central bank interventions: On the (de)stabilizing nature of targeting long-run fundamental interventions.

13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House


15:00-16:40 Chair: Simone Borghesi

  • Ahmad Naimzada: Nonlinear dynamics in an evolutionary-epidemiological model

  • Fausto Cavalli (with E. Moretto, A.K. Naimzada): Dynamical analysis of evolutionary transition toward sustainable technologies

  • Lorenzo Pinna (with E. Giovannini, G. Ricchiuti): Interacting Cobweb Markets through the Demand Side 

  • Giorgio Ricchiuti (with G. Galanis, B. Tippet): The International Political Economy of a Green Transition.

  • Simone Borghesi (with A. Antoci, P. Russu, M. Sodini): Carbon Leakage in 3D: On the Dynamics of Green, Dirty and Relocating Firms under the ETS

16:40-17:00 Coffee-break


17:00-18:40 Chair: Iryna Sushko

  • Andrea Caravaggio (with L. Gori, M. Sodini): Monopolistic Dynamics with Endogenous Product Differentiation.

  • Vincenzo Valori (with D. Colucci, N. Doni, G. Ricchiuti): Price target, credibility, and efficiency in a market with one dominant firm and a competitive fringe.

  • Iryna Sushko (with L.Gardini, D.Radi, N. Schmit, F. Westerhoff): Sentiment-driven financial market dynamics: Mathematical insights from a 2D nonsmooth map

  • Alberto Pinto (with E. Accinelli, B.M.P.M. Oliveira): Stable coalition formation for the preservation of public goods

  • Philip Ushchev (with K. Matsuyama): Destabilizing Effect of Market Size on Dynamics of Innovation: Judd meets Kimball

19:00 Dinner at University Guest House


21:00 - 22:30  Music Concert "Beatles Story" at Palazzo Battiferri


Friday, September 9

9:00-11:00 Chair: Akio Matsumoto 

  • Beatrice Venturi (with W.A. Barnett, G. Bella, T. Ghosh, P. Mattana): Chaos in the UK New Keynesian Macroeconomy

  • Malgorzata Guzowska (with E. Michetti, F. Grassetti): A dynamically consistent discretization method for the Goodwin model with a nonlinear Phillips curve.

  • Elisabetta Michetti (with R. Coppier, L. Scacccia) Dimensional traps in evasion models.

  • Giovanni Villani (with M. Biancardi, G. Iannucci): Optimal groundwater management in an oligopoly market with CSR firms 

  • Fabio Lamantia (with D. Radi, T. Tichy): Hybrid Evolutionary Oligopolies and the Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Akio Matsumoto (with F. Szidarovszky): Nonlinear Kaldor Model augmented with Retardation and Anticipation

11:00-11:20  Coffee-Break



11:20-13:00 Chair: Fabio Privileggi

  • Gianluca Iannucci (with I. Colivicchi): Emission tax and insurance coverage in an evolutionary oligopoly 

  • Luca Gori (with P. Manfredi, S. Marsiglio, M. Sodini): A parsimonious model of optimal social distancing and vaccination during an outbreak

  • Luca Vincenzo Ballestra (with F. Angelini, M. Castellani): Growth in the gig economy: A two-sector model with digital leisure

  • John Barkley Rosser, Jr.: Complexity and Aesthetics: How Arts, Sciences and Economics coevolve

  • Fabio Privileggi (with D. La Torre, S. Marsiglio, F. Mendivil): Stochastic Disease Spreading and Containment Policies under State-Dependent Probabilities

13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House



15:00-16:40 Chair: Andrea Di Liddo

  • Marcello Galeotti (with E. Vannucci): Green economy with efficient public incentives

  • Marwill Davila-Fernandez (with S. Sordi): The green-MKS: A baseline environmental macro model.

  • Alessia Cafferata (with M.J. Davila-Fernandez): How robust is the natalist bias of pollution control?

  • Irene Alfarone (with U. Merlone): Hit the road, Jack: A model of musicians’ mobility between two cities

  • Andrea Di Liddo (with A. Caravaggio, L. De Cesare): Optimal management of water resources for domestic and industrial use

16:40-17:00 Coffee-break



17:00-18:20 Chair: Ingrid Kubin

  • Silvia Leoni: A validation experiment of an Agent-Based Model for tertiary educational choices 

  • Simone Landini (with M. Gallegati): ABM Computability: Exploring a Recursive Approach

  • Pasquale Commendatore (with I. Kubin, M. Sodini): The dynamics of a NEG model with environmental pollution

  • Ingrid Kubin (with S. Bougheas, P. Commendatore, L. Gardini): Financial Development, Cycles and Income Inequality in a Model with Good and Bad Projects

20:00  Social Dinner at University College “Il Colle”

Saturday, September 10

9:10-10:50 Chair: Edgar Sanchez Carrera

  • Germana Giombini (with G. Calcagnini, E. Sanche Carrera): Bank lending policies and green transition

  • Federico Favaretto (with G. Calcagnini, G. Giombini, F. Tramontana): Household debt and income.

  • Laura Policardo (with G.A. Davis, E. Sanchez Carrera): Economic growth driven by wealth concentration: The cases of US and France

  • Serena Brianzoni (with G. Campisi): Discrete-time financial market model under heterogeneous beliefs

  • Edgar Sanchez Carrera (with W.A. Risso) Trapped in Mexican poverty, struggling to escape it.

10:50-11:10  Coffee-Break

11:10-12:50 Chair: Roberto Dieci

  • Jochen Jungeilges (with Tatyana Perevalova): Multistability in a recurrent feed-forward neural network with a polynomial activation function

  • Francesca Grassetti (with C. Mammana, E. Michetti): Environmental policies and environmental awareness: the effect on the economy and the environment in a dynamical framework

  • Arianna Dal Forno (with G. Gronchi, U. Merlone): Face mask usage and quantum cognition

  • Ugo Merlone (with G. Orlando): Dynamical inspection game with continuous strategies

  • Roberto Dieci (with A. Palestrini, F. Tramontana): Trend extrapolation and the stability of adaptive expectations feedbacks.

12:50 Closing Address

13:00  Lunch at University Guest House