Program MDEF 2016

Location: School of Economics - Palazzo Battiferri. Aula Rossa - via Saffi n. 42, Urbino.

Thursday, June 23


8:30-9:00 Registration

 9:00-10:40 Chair: Gian Italo Bischi

 •   Fabio Tramontana: A monopoly model with reference-dependent preferences.

•    Lorenzo Cerboni Baiardi (with A. K. Naimzada): A model of a dynamical oligopoly with imitators.

•    Davide Radi: Walrasian versus Cournot behavior in an oligopoly of bounded rational firms.

•    Ilaria Foroni (with A. Avellone): Statistical properties of a cautious price adjustment model.

 10:40-11:10  Coffee-Break

 11:10-12:50 Chair: Volker Böhm

 •  Hiroki Murakami: Inflation-deflation expectations and economic stability in the Kaleckian system

•   Iryna Sushko “Globalization and Coupled Chaotic Fluctuations of Innovation” (with L. Gardini and K. Matsuyama)

•   Giovanni Campisi (with S. Brianzoni and A. Russo) A growth model with corruption in public procurement: some extensions and new results.

•   Francesca Grassetti (with  C. Mammana and E. Michetti): Elasticity of substitution between factors and growth: a nonlinear relationship.

 13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House

 15:00-16:40 Chair: Akio Matsumoto

 • John Barkley Rosser, Jr.:Complexity and Institutional Evolution.

•  Fabio Privileggi (with D. La Torre, S. Marsiglio and F. Mendivil): Fractal attractors and singular measures in multi-sector growth models with random shocks on factor shares.

•  Giuseppe Travaglini (with G. Calcagnini and G. Giombini): Innovation and labor regulation: A neo-Schumpeterian model.

•  Alan Kirman (with N. Hanaki and  P. Pezanis-Christou): Counter intuitive learning: an exploratory experiment.

 16:40-17:10 Coffee-break

 17:10-18:25 Chair: Toichiro Asada

 • Nicolò Pecora (with A. Agliari and A. Naimzada): Dynamic effects of memory in a cobweb model with competing technologies.

•  Fausto  Cavalli (with A. Naimzada and L. Parisio): A cobweb model for multiphase markets.

•  Tatyana Ryazanova (with J. Jungeilges and L. Ryashko): Chaotic dynamics in a business cycle model due to various types of noise.

 19:00 Dinner at University Guest House

 21:00 - 22:30  Music Concert

Friday, June 24

9:00-10:40 Chair: Roberto Dieci

 • Pasquale Commendatore (with I. Kubin and I. Sushko): A three-region NEG model with linear demand function.

•  Thomas Zörner (with I. Kubin): Human Capital in a Credit Cycle Model.

•  Luca Gori (with M. Sodini): A contribution to the theory of fertility and economic development.

•  Annarita Baldanzi (with M. Sodini): Politicians and Voters: Nonlinear Dynamics in the Degree of Trust.

 10:40-11:10  Coffee-Break

 11:10-12:50 Chair: Pierluigi Sacco

 • Marcello Galeotti (with A. Antoci, A. Fiori Maccioni and P. Russu): Defensive Medicine, Liability Insurance and Malpractice Litigation in an Evolutionary Model .

•  Ahmad K. Naimzada (with M. Pireddu): An evolutive approach to an exchange economy with heterogeneous preferences.

• Eros Pruscini (with G.I. Bischi and U. Merlone) Complex basins and critical sets in evolutionary binary games with memory

• Anastasiia Panchuk (with L. Cerboni Baiardi) Renewable resource exploitation described by a discrete time nonlinear model with replicator dynamics.

 13:00 -15:00 Lunch at University Guest House

15:00-16:40 Chair: Alan Kirman

 • Mauro Sodini (with L. Gori and L. Guerrini): Disequilibrium dynamics in a Keynesian model with time delays.

• Akio Matsumoto (with F. Szidarovszky): A Heterogeneous Agent Model of Asset Price with Time Delays.

Rudolf Zimka (with T. Asada and M. Demetrian) On Dynamics in Asada´s Model of Monetary Stabilization Policy.

• Serena Sordi (with A. K. Naimzada): Chaotic dynamics in a discrete-time growth cycle model with real-financial interaction

 16:40-17:10 Coffee-break

 17:10-18:00 Chair: Maria Cristina Uberti

 • Volker Böhm (with Thorsten Hüls): Dynamics of Asset Prices with Geometric Decay.

• Simone Landini (with S. Casellina and M.C. Uberti): Migration Rates Modeling with Renewal in Open Systems: A Montecarlo Approach.

 20:00  Social Dinner at University College “Il Colle”

Saturday, June 25


9:00-10:40 Chair: Pasquale Commendatore

 •  Ugo Merlone (with A. Matsumoto and F. Szidarovszky) Extended Dynamic Oligopolies with Hyperbolic Price Function.

•  Domenico De Giovanni (with F. Lamantia): Control delegation, information and beliefs in evolutionary oligopolies.

•  Fabio Lamantia (with D. De Giovanni): Evolutionary dynamics of a duopoly game with strategic delegation and isoelastic demand.

•  Giovanni Villani (with M. Biancardi): Sharing R&D investments in International Environmental Agreements with symmetric countries.

10:40-11:10  Coffee-Break

 11:10-12:25 Chair: Ingrid Kubin

 Arianna Dal Forno (with U. Merlone): Outgroup effects on binary choices dynamics.

•  Marco Guerrazzi (with M. Sodini): Efficiency-Wages and Chaotic Dynamics.

•  Malgorzata Guzowska: The discrete-time Ramsey model.

 12:25 Closing Address

 12:45  Lunch at University Guest House